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Since 18th of July 1992 the Lundgren family from Borlange in Sweden, have been out "Blue Water Sailing". The plans they had of "Sailing Around The World" and to visit all the exotic places that they dreamt about earlier, was going to come true.

The family Lundgren includes Gunnar, Karin, Johanna 12 years and Sara 11 years. Their planes where to spend the first year in the Mediterranean Sea, to let the young girls get used to this kind of life.
The little school onboard started up and even if Sara was underaged for the regular school, it was impossible to keep her busy and satisfied with "kids" things, when big sister Johanna started to learn reading and writing. Never mind, if the interest is there, "go for it".
After the year in the Mediterranean, with five months in Tunisia, they continued down to Casablanca in Marocko and then further south to the Gambia in West Africa. Some hundred nautical miles up the Gambia river they celebrated the second Christmas onboard.
In the beginning of 1994 they crossed the Atlantic Ocean and the equator, aiming for the Brazilian coast. The rhythm from the Brazilian carnival was still heard onboard when they passed the Caribbean Islands and the locks in Panama, early March 1995.
  From Costa Rica in Central America 38 days of sailing took them over the first part of the Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas Islands and the atoll's of Tuamotus in French Polynesia. Islands and countries like Suwarov, Samoa and Fiji where visited before they in November 1995 found a dock in the town of Gosford, just north of Sydney in Australia.

This was going to be the anchorage for the family during the South Pacific cyclone season. Sara and Johanna could now, to their satisfaction, join the Public school for half a year.
With a second hand car, they made excursions both south to Blue Mountains, Snowy Mountains and Melbourne, and north up to Brisbane. One of the highlights under the stay was the family's opal digging in the outback of Australia. This is one of the places around the world that they really are longing back to.

In August 1996 they where under sail north again, inside the Great Barrier Reef. In October the course was set for Solomon Islands some 1000 nautical miles to the north east.
Christmas day that year, the yacht Kulla was struck by the cyclone Fergus. Without damages and with a lot of experience the Lundgren family stayed for five more months on these tropical Islands.
Springtime 1997 Kulla visited the Louisiades and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea before entering Australian waters at Thursday Island in Torres Strait.
Darwin in north Australia was the last port of call, before setting out into the Indian Ocean, in August 1997. Stops where made at Cocos Keeling, Rodriguez, Mauritius, and Reunion Island before Kulla, in the end of November, entered the port of Durban in South Africa.

The Sailing Yacht now was temporarily swapped against a car, for a two week Safari expedition inland. The family visited Swaziland, the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Lesotho, with the beautiful Drakensberg mountains, under the trip.
Tuff sailing conditions followed the family around the southern tip of Africa, and in mid January 1998 they could sail around the Cape Of Good Hope and tie up in the marina in Cape Town. The 31 of January it was time for the next crossing and this time the little island of St.Helena, nearly in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, was set as a waypoint......