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98-03-07 18:10 (KMT = UTC)
Distance to Fortaleza in Brazil: 19 M
19M distance to Fortaleza, we will arrived about 10pm.
Good weather! all well!

Tjingeling Gunnar


98-03-13 18:10 (KMT = UTC)
S/Y Kulla II set sail for French Guiana. Good weather! all well!

Tjingeling Gunnar


Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 19:52 UTC+3

98-03-15 19:52 KMT = UTC + 3
Lat. S 01 deg 21 min
Long: W 42 deg 23 min
Distance to Ile de Salute: 730 M

Weather: 32 degrees and squalls.
Wind: 8-12 knots Weather: ITCZ
Waveheight: 1,3 meter
Course: 330 magnetic

A short stop in Brazil and we are under sail again. We are having ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) weather and that means squalls and variable winds. Hoping to pass the Amazon River mouth on Tuesday Wednesday and then a stop at the Devils Islands outside French Guyana next weekend.

After some years sailing in the southern hemisphere we are now soon back north of the equator again. If You look at our latitude today, its only 1 degree and 21 minutes left so that crossing hopefully will be tomorrow.

A lot of people send mail to us and here is some hints about the right way of addressing:
* If you are HAM (radio amateur); sm4tqo@dur.win-net.org
* If not; lars.lundgren@mbox330.swipnet.se

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The next squall is coming so I have to go up on deck and handle the sails again. Take care and I will be back in a couple of days time again.


Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 19:33:58 UTC-3
Distance to Tobago: 89 M

The Devil's Island's - what a misguiding name today. While resting on the rocks, listening to the alarming sounds of breaking waves, looking at the "Ara Macao" teasing the quarrelling monkeys in the palm trees, and watching the Agouties fighting the hens over a mango fallen from the tree then we think of the Islands as the Paradise Islands. Yes, we include them in our little exclusive "Paradise group" together with San Blas in the Caribbean Sea, Suwarov in the pacific and Cocos Keeling Island in the Indian Ocean - every ocean has got it's pearl.
Of course - we can understand the feelings of all the convicts who where deported here during hundreds of years to rot in the prison cells. Who have forgotten "Papillon"?
In the broiling heat , dripping humidity and with biting mosquitoes. For these "visitors" the name "Devil's Island's" was truly right.
Since we last visited French Guyana and these Islands, 4 years ago, they have started to clean the bush and restore some of the buildings. Last time we had to make way with the machete, today it's forbidden to bring ashore!
In a few years, the beautiful Islands will be a popular tourist spot. Once again we where "there", the very last minute!

In choppy seas and strong winds we're once again heading out into the Guyana current that is going to take us to Tobago.