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DATE: Fri,31 Oct 1997

Hello !

How in heck's everything going up there? Here all is fine. The weather has improved since the bad weather. We have still not had any school cause the waves or I shold say seas, are not the best. But we are reading  english book's now. We have mathes, History and science. It's fun but not so  easy ass it is usually. we made a "Missy sippy Mudcake". It did not taste like a  mud cake but it was still a cake anyway. It's getting near  bed time now.

Bye, Bye From Sara


South Atlantic 9/2-98

Dear log book.
Today the weather was just great! The wind came from north East and it was about 10 knots so it's a very calm sail. We have our main up and a jib witch is nearly full rolled out.

In the morning at 8am we started with school. The subjects today were: Geography ,Swedish ,History and maths. We had 3 subjects before lunch than one after. All together we had 1 hour 20 minutes maths and three hours of the other subjects.
Today the school was not to bad I think , but some times it is very difficult when the boat leans a lot and you feel a bit sea sick.

When school was finished I put up my pretend office and started to play.
After about 10 minutes a customer (my dad) came to my office and asked if I could shave his beard . I said yes and then and started. Mum said it was my turn to cut my hair a bit ,so now I have had a hair cut but if you would have seen me before I had a hair cut and now after you would not see the difference .

Well this evening we are going to have a night watch , like yesterday. Now I am going to go back to my office.



Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 18:26:36 UTC

98-02-22 18:36 (KMT = UTC)
Lat. S 14 deg 23 min
Long: W 09 deg 21 min
Distance toFortaleza in Brazil: 1840 M
Weather: 30 degrees and sun.
Wind: 15-18 knots trade from SE
Waveheight: 1,5 meter
Course: 320 magnetic

Saint Helena to Brazil.

Dear Logbook!!!!!

We left Saint Helena yesterday after a lovely stay. From the outside the island looked quite plain but when we got a closer look it turned out that it was really green with lots of green hills. We where anchored outside St. Helena's capital, James Town. It was pretty rolly but because we had been at sea for quite a long time it didn't really matter.
We used our dinghy to get ashore even though you could pay 1 $ and call the Ferry Service on the V.H.F and they would take you ashore. The swell was pretty big so it was quite hard to pull up the dinghy on the ramp but it worked out quite fine.
The small town was really nice. We got a lift up on the hill where the other part of town was then we walked the 699 stairs down . It took us about 10-15 min.
St. Helena is a beautiful island and so are the people!!!!!!!!!!



Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 16:12:50 UTC

Saturday 28 February 1998 11:10 AM

Dear Log Book!
Today its really to hot outside and inside as well. The temperature is 32 degrees C inside and outside to.

This morning when dad had his watch he saw a ship!!! The first ship in 3 weeks now, well that you possibly couldn't think. Well that was a real surprise.
This morning me and Johanna did the breakfast. We made bread witch tastes like scones ,but they are a bit thinner than them. Mum and Dad were really happy because they didn't have to make breakfast.

Today I did some Geography and this time it was about Great Britain.

Nothing much has happen yet today, no fish, no bad weather, but one thing witch is interesting is that we have passed half the way from St Helena to Fortaleza, no we have passed more than half way between that with about 40-50 sea miles now I think if I have counted right!!!

Well its time to stop now.
Love from:
Sara Lundgren.


Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 20:32:34 UTC+3

Sunday the 15th of March 1998 10:55 AM

Dear Logbook.
We are now 2 days out of Fortaleza now and the Weather is just fine. We stayed at Fortaleza for a week about and we had a really nice time. The sailing yatchs stay at the hotel marina witch is very nice. There is a swimming pool there as well witch we swim at. The town is very nice as well but at day time it is really crowded with cars and people. If you go to the old market you would be crowded with people and with stuff like hammocks ands so.
We had some friends there as well witch we played with.
The Weather is just fine and the wind is nice.
Well now I have to get back to my school work.

Love from:
Sara Lundgren


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 17:35:32 UTC

Tuesday 24 March 1998

Hello again!
We are 3 days out of the "Devil Islands" and we stayed there for about Two days. The Devil Islands are really three Islands close together. We stayed at the Island called "Ile du Royal" There is a pier arm which you can tie your dinghy to ,and that's also where the tourist boat goes. Every day there is such a boat which comes with tourists to the island and that boat comes from Kouro, in French Guyana.

On the Island there is a small but nice hotel which is on the Top of the hill. The people who are there for holiday really have a nice view. If you feel like a walk you can go around the Island on tracks. We had a nice walk and a picnic on the island as well. There are also a Two museums on the Island which are nice. We did not have time to look at all the things that you can look at , but there is a lot to look at. These Islands are really nice and harmonic.
Now I have to go back to some school work.
Bye for now.


Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 15:09:23 UTC

Hi Everyone!
Nice of You to read this letter even if it isn't really a particularly informative letter that tells you so much which doesn't matter because not so much has happened. Well some things has happened even if it isn't really particularly interesting.

My sister and myself, the "Jolly Jerk Johanna" (my christen name is Karin Johanna Lundgren!) have had school for no particularly reason, (as I would put it whilst mum (Karin) and dad (Gunnar) would say that we will learn lots of things by doing it I don't think these "things" are really particularly interesting always.)
Oh man, I should really get to the damn point now. Eh, where was I, oh that's right, school, well we have had Maths, Swedish, Geography, Science and Art under these four days out at sea. It's no fun in particularly but it has to be done!
Another thing we have done is, we have ripped old school books into shreds, put them into water and after a while we'd get a soupy mix of water and paper which we would put in a thin layer on deck, (not to big), looking like a paper pancake, then let all the water go away, put it in a sunny warm spot to dry and when dry, we have got something looking like a bit of paper, (if you have good fantasy), but much messier!
This is what we call, Home Made Paper. Pretty cool eh?
The paper is not in particularly very hard but pretty messy.

For no particularly reason, I will now say Bye.

Jolly Jerk Johanna
on Kulla-II


Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 16:00:51 UTC

Sunday 14 June 1998

Hello Everyone!

We are now really close to Horta in the Azores. We can see the mountain top of Pico. It's in the middle of a big cloud.
We have seen lots of animals on this trip ,heaps of dolphins, birds, fish, whales and quite a few turtles.
Today we saw another big whale. It was only some 20 meters from the boat and it looked at us with it's big eye's.
We looked it up in a whale book and learnt that it was a "Sei whale" and is related to the blue whale!! It was tremendous!
A big group of Spinner dolphins just came by. They had a small baby dolphin with them. It is really gorgeous.
Yesterday Sara and I did lots of different exercises. It will feel really good to run around in Horta for a few days now before we head for Europe.
The water temperature has gone down allot so I reckon we won't be doing much swimming from now on!!!
WELL, not much more to say so:



Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 20:01:20 UTC

Sunday 28 June 1998

Now we've only got a day left till we arrive to the English Channel then another 20 days to Sweden including a few stops. Wonder how it is to live in a real house.......
It's really cold now so we use the kerosene lamps in the evenings. It is really cosy.
This morning we saw Spinner dolphins. They are probably the last ones we will see on our trip.
Last night I wrote a poem cause I didn't have anything else to do. I copied it down to the computer so that you could read it.

Johanna Lundgren.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
My sisters name is Spice.
I do need Your advice
Shall I let her stay with us
or put her on a bus?
She's been a real big pain
my skirt has now got a stain
Walking by with her tea
she spilled it purposely on my knee
It was really sore
mum sent her out the door
See what I mean
She wouldn't even clean
the stain
that had caused all the pain
What is your advice
about my sister Spice
Shall I let her stay
or send her away

Yesterday she was really nice
She gave me some white mice
She even lent me her Barbie
and a Barbie horse named "Starbe"
She was so nice
giving me the mice,
lending me her Barbie
and the horse named "Starbe"
So I lent her my Skipper
But I couldn't find her slipper
This is the end
so I am now going to send
this letter
to settle the matter
about my sister Spice
but I wont need Your advice
for I have now made a decision
not about me being a musician
but about Spice
I've still got the mice

I'm letting her stay white us
No way am I putting her on a bus!
Maybe she is sometimes, as cold as ice
but when she is not she is really nice
That is my sister Spice.

Johanna Lundgren.